My Family


Zane is a Miniture Australian Shepard, he’s just over 1 years old. He is my life.

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Ramona is the craziest looking cat I have ever seen, she’s a year old. I saw her in the window of a Macy’s during christmas time. I had no desire to ever own a cat until I held her in my arms. Ramona and Zane love each other more than a pet parent could dream possible.

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Olive is my Rabbit, he’s 5 years old and a whopping 10 pounds. His breed is unknown but I feel like he’s a New Zealand mix. I didn’t know his gender when I named him, Olive’s a bit of a feminine name, but I think he likes it. He’s potty trained and lives in my house, though he has a huge set up for outside play. He’s a sweetheart.

11258380_10207349171438677_6215862445246650470_o 467933_3961709452317_358554870_o 306627_3532669606589_1417218773_n

Charlie Pistachio 

Charlie is the newest addition to my home. He’s a Russian Tortoise, born in march of this year. He is ity bitty. Olive and Charlie eat the same food! Hay, greens, weeds from the yard, flowers, and the oh so desirable dandelions.

10887560_10207268492741760_129927193542120228_o 11838911_10207383496176774_4525343645933600499_o

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